Guest Posts

Guest Post: “Alternate Endings Anthology” by Historical Writers Forum Spotlight

Guest Post: “Spotlight for ‘A Matter of Faith’ by Judith Arnopp

Guest Post: “Horse Breeds in the Middle Ages” by Rowena Kinread

Guest Post: “Excerpt from ‘Close Your Eyes- A Fairy Tale’ by Chris Tomasini

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Guest Post: “Viking England during the life of Earl Godwine” by Mercedes Rochelle

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Guest Post – Introducing Matthew Graham by Anna Belfrage

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Guest Post: “What Makes a Historical Novel Seem ‘Authentic’?” by Carolyn Hughes

Guest Post: Excerpt from “The Conjuror’s Apprentice” by G.J. Williams

Guest Post: “Mary Zouche: One of Anne Boleyn’s Maids of Honour” by Sylvia Barbara Soberton

Guest Post: Excerpt from “The King’s Inquisitor” by Tonya Ulynn Brown

Guest Post: Excerpt from “Raleigh: Tudor Adventurer by Tony Riches”

Guest Post: “The Accursed King (The Plantagenet Legacy Book 4 )” Blurb by Mercedes Rochelle

Guest Post: “Did Tudors Smell Whiffy?” by Carol McGrath

Guest Post: “ Gertrude Courtenay: Forgotten Tudor Woman” by Sylvia Barbara Soberton

Guest Post: “Why I Write Dual Timeline Novels and Why I Choose Present Day” by Clare Marchant

Guest Post: “Historical Aspect of Queen of Blood” by Sarah Kennedy

Guest Post: Excerpt from “The Usurper King: The Plantagenet Legacy Book 3” by Mercedes Rochelle

Guest Post: “The Inspiration Behind The Poison Keeper” by Deborah Swift

Guest Post: “Cecily Neville, Duchess of York: Inspiration for The Queen’s Rival” by Anne O’ Brien

Guest Post: “Forsaking All Other” Excerpt by Catherine Meyrick

Guest Post: “Life at the Tudor Court” by Karen Heenan

Guest Post: “A Matter of Conscience: Henry VIII, The Aragon Years” Excerpt by Judith Arnopp

Guest Post: “John Foxe in State of Treason” by Paul Walker

Guest Post: “Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia: Brother and Sister of History’s Most Vilified Family” Q & A with Samantha Morris

Guest Post: “Between Two Kings: Book One in the Anne Boleyn Alternate History Trilogy” Q & A by Olivia Longueville

Guest Post: Was Katherine Howard Pregnant by Henry VIII in 1540? By Sylvia Barbara Soberton

Guest Post: Walter Raleigh, The Self Made Myth- By R.N. Morris, author of Fortune’s Hand, a new novel about Walter Raleigh

Guest Post: Women and the Birth of Magna Carta By Sharon Bennett Connolly

Guest Post: Understanding the Life of Francis Drake: by Tony Riches, Author of Drake – Tudor Corsair

Guest Post: “The Colour of Shadows” Book Tour- Children’s Early Education in Medieval and Tudor England by Toni Mount

New Book: Robin Hood’s Widow (Book Two in the Robin Hood Trilogy) Author Q&A with Olivia Longueville and J.C. Plummer

New Book: “Mistress Whiddon- The Memoirs of Nora Basset of Umberleigh” by Joanne McShane

New Book: “Honora and Arthur – the Last Plantagenets” by Joanne McShane

New Book: “Katherine- Tudor Duchess” by Tony Riches

Guest Book Review by Maya Cherny: “Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare?” by James Shapiro

Guest Post: Puppet Shows by Toni Mount (“The Colour of Lies” Book Tour)

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